Oriental Rugs - A Growing Collector's Market

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The market for oriental rugs is "taking flight," according to the Wall Street Journal, with one rug selling for a record $9.6 million at Christie's - nearly 20 times its asking price. Says WSJ reporter Kelly Crow:

"A patchwork of global collectors and institutions are fueling the rise. New museums across the Middle East and Europe are driving up prices as they build collections of Islamic art. Contemporary-art buyers from Singapore to the Silicon Valley are rolling out antique rugs to complement the abstract, geometric art works that hang on their walls. And everyone is on the lookout for the next little-noticed niche of the market that could see a spike in value....Collectors are once again scouring the marketplace for new areas to exploit....These days, top antique rugs are sold more like works of art than pieces of d├ęcor." (Read full WSJ article)

Burnison Galleries has a unique collection of oriental and Persian rugs for sale to art lovers, collectors and the general public. Available in a variety of sizes, these rugs make an ideal addition to almost any home, office or vacation cottage. Our certified appraisal expert, Thomas A. Burnison, can help you understand the intricacies of each rug design. And it's OK just to look!

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